21 May 2019

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  • Tattoos20 August 2005 - Designing Tattoos

    In this shot I’m working on some tattoo designs with the development version of The Gimp. My skills are still pretty poor with it, but I’m getting better. Gkrellm shows the final version of gkrellwinter that I made to match Enlightenment’s new Winter theme. To capitalize on the extra screen space I’ve also started logging Apache’s access log to a transparent Eterm above the system messages logger. This helps to see when bots and wankers are hitting Apache looking for exploits.

    Xinerama01 March 2005 - Xinerama kicks ass!

    I got a great deal on two 22" Sony trinitron monitors so I set up dual-head with Xinerama. 3200 x 1200 rocks. I’ve got more screen real estate now than I know what to do with. This is my first screenshot on Slackware 10.1. Some noted improvements include the now much better bitchx config (topic bar at the top with an assload of internal tweaks), Xorg’s default anti-aliased fonts and the ditching of Galeon for Firefox. I’m also using Gimp in this shot.

    Same Ol'14 June 2003 - Stuff

    Same ol’ shit, different day. I only took this one to show off pretty anti-aliased fonts (seen here in the gaim window).

    Still Chatting06 June 2003 - Stuff

    Here you can almost see that I’m using Galeon which is the Gnome project’s web browser. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the monstrosity that is Nutscrap since AOL’s aquisition and subsequent destruction of the company.

    Stuff13 April 2003 - Stuff

    Not a whole lot changed over the year since my last screenshot. I’ve tried a few more window managers, but there’s nothing out there I like well enough to screenshot. The only real visible additions here the Tk-based stock ticker at the bottom. I have it set up to tick local and technology stock prices. It’s always nice to look down and see MSFT and INTC in the red.

    MpegTV14 April 2002 - MpegTV

    Not my first linux screenshot, but the oldest I can find after the drive my old home partition was on died. This was taken shortly after my permanent switch to BitchX from the annoying mirc knock-off X-Chat. Since I couldn’t get it to tune in my local cable I set up my TV tuner with MpegTV and hooked up a vcr to it so I could watch episodes of Invader Zim I taped.

    The window manager I’m running here is Enlightenment (as usual) and you can also see gaim, gkrellm and /var/log/messages being logged to a transparent Eterm.

    HOPE, n.
    Desire and expectation rolled into one.