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  • 3 October 2007

    Alex Jones is an asshole

    10:42pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Alex Jones is an asshole, but he’s also an extremely intelligent and charismatic orator. His passion inspire people who, in a lot of cases, wouldn’t normally listen to his point of view coming from another source. His material on matters such as 9/11 and our government’s influence by, and continued fascination with, the occult seem to be pretty spot on, but you really learn who he is when you listen to his radio show. I mean really listen to it consistently rather than just downloading the audio/video blurbs he picks and chooses to put out there. He has a chauvinist friend on his radio show which is quite dangerous in itself if for no other reason that for his own credibility. It seems that his attention these days has turned almost solely toward illegal immigrants, and by him that term seems interchangeable with ‘Mexican’.

    The problem is a lot of people out there think he’s a leftist bent on bringing down government corruption and exposing The TruthTM . The real truth of the matter is that Alex Jones is a Right Wing racist Libertarian. He’s a psycho, he’s a nut and always has been. If you think he’s a Socialist then you really need to reexamine your understanding of what real Socialism is. This supposed ‘good guy’ is calling for just shy of the outright murder of Mexicans in Texas he’s deemed illegal. Potentially the worst part is the ignorant racist ideology he’s spreading in his listeners. The crowd that practically vomits genius, the “yeah!! fuck you, bitch!! go sports team!!” guys that have shotgun racks in their pickups and beat their wives because pizza isn’t their definition of ‘having dinner ready’. Even if it’s not his intention and maybe it’s just the fact that he lives in Texas, but he’s building quite the base of white racist Libertarian fans.

    Alex Jones is a mind virus. If you’re not careful he’ll pound the podium like Hitler until you’re out there patrolling the border with a high-powered rifle like a loyal minuteman. He’s another powerful voice that could have been used to spread humanism, democracy and a call for some peace and sanity, but he just simply fails.

    It’s OK if you’re inner AJ fan is confused with all of this. When I’m confused I just check my underwear. It holds the answers to all of life’s more important questions.

    » Venezuela sends 300 tons of food to Haiti. Bush sends 500 tons of bombs to Iraq. Chavez feeds, Bush kills.

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    » The case for net neutrality is pretty clear. Should it fail this is what you have to look forward to.

    24 September 2007

    Oot and aboot

    10:56pm by rudeboy in category: General

    I stopped by the downtown market on my way home from work to get tiger prawns and tomatoes for seafood gumbo. While in the store I saw a sign that said “pet supplies”. So I did.

    » If you’re easily frustrated or prone to suicidal behavior, I don’t suggest you attempt The Impossible Quiz 2.

    » Download the book “Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy” free here

    » Examples of some pretty extreme rich and poor divides.

    23 September 2007

    Socialism vs. Capitalism

    3:01am by rudeboy in category: General

    I’m not one to peruse video sharing sites, but this link was passed to me on an albeit non-video critique of capitalism versus socialism. It’s a little slow and hard to follow with the orator’s rather thick English accent, but what I found most interesting was the video response entitled “See Dick Prosper“. This guy is trying to defend capitalism without actually having to say he’s defending capitalism. He starts off by quoting Ayn Rand and her self-developed philosophy of Objectivism which pretty much means we have the right to starve.

    “We all choose our life path, our careers, our lifestyles, including those whom, at this point in time, have less than us.” This simply couldn’t be less true. The fact is, there is far more in an individual’s life that they don’t control than they do. You can’t have personal responsibility when you are forced to accept responsibility for things which you can’t control. In order to have true personal responsibility, in order for your gain or loss to be a measure of your worth, you can have neither good, nor bad, luck. Capitalists are perfectly happy to take responsibility for luck as though it were of their own making, and to accept the bad luck of others just the same. Neither is true.

    Follow me here… Most of the successful people in the world are so despite their efforts, not because of them. They have a good family, or good luck, or good money, or any of the other things that are not their personal choice. Most of the people whom aren’t successful aren’t successful despite their best efforts, not because of a lack of trying. Take a look at the number of people who have tried their asses off and gotten nowhere compared to the number of people who have tried their ass off and succeeded. No, it’s my contention that success is far more often given, and failure far more often forced and yet capitalists expect you to have equal culpability either way.

    These people think those who live within the freedoms of capitalism, free enterprise and free will, live under the consequences of their own decisions, not their governments. That’s the way it should be and how it’s very much not. If my decisions affected my life as I had intended, I’d be sitting high atop trump tower by now. It’s plain ignorance of the truth being that you are not in control of your own destiny that leads these idiots to enforce their views upon the rest of us without regard to the consequence. You can’t, for example, just “get a job”. Someone has to be willing to give it to you. Your lack of money for the right clothes, for example, may keep that from happening. You hear it all the time… “well, if he’d have done such and such then he’d be able to afford the right clothes” but that’s a bullshit argument in every possible way. We are culpable for the decisions we make, as we should be, but if those decisions were modified by others, we are not to blame, nor to be given credit.

    People who are anti-capitalism are “immoral… probably criminals”?!? Wow, dude you sure picked an appropriate title for your response. I did, in fact, see a dick.

    Ok, someone else rant now.

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    22 September 2007

    Pick your poison

    11:37pm by rudeboy in category: General

    I dislike both religion and drugs; the opiate of the masses and the religion of the underground, respectively. However, I’ve no particular problem with practitioners of either.

    » An interesting visual representation of Linux vs. Windows.

    » Firefox has been around long enough. Maybe it’s time for a new logo. I vote for this one.

    » Republican Child Predator Labeled ‘Democrat’ on O’Reilly Factor.

    21 September 2007

    LED everything!

    8:05pm by rudeboy in category: Hardware

    When looking up a cool tech mods it’s near impossible to find anything that doesn’t involve taking anything with electric current running through it and packing it full of obnoxiously bright and multi-colored LEDs. I happened upon a fellow trying to mod his Nintendo Wii virtual console controller with LEDs. Since only two of the buttons are clear he wanted to get another pair of clear buttons and then pack the controller with sweet blinding light.

    While trying to explain that he should just stop bitching and either buy another controller to scavenge parts from or steal one from his friends I realized what a completely useless mod this was. No doubt he was going to solder a few ultra blue LEDs under the buttons, post pictures of it on the interweb and surely bask in the torrent of dork praise that was to follow. It’s a stupid mod because it’s just more cheap plastic. You know what would be really cool? A controller that didn’t glow. Sure it’s normal, but what the hell does a glowing controller do for you? How about saving all of your money, dig through your little sisters room and throw some glitter on it. Sure I may not know good taste, but what the hell does a glowing Nintendo controller have to do with good taste?

    The worst part of it all is these kids thing this is the start of big things for them. They’ll parlay their mad LED controller modding skills into an executive vice presidency at an electronics firm or their clear devotion to gaming “style” will get them into the video game biz. Well believe me, making games is nothing like playing games. Making games is a crappy job, then again, being a troll on the internet is a crappy life. I’ll come up with a response to that as soon as I finish writing my name in rhinestones on my keyboard. LEDs and cathodes are nerd jewelery, real men bedazzle! Sure, call me gay, but know it’s coming from the guy with the glowing controller. I hope all of your friends at the rave are impressed.

    Adding LEDs to something electronic isn’t a mod, it’s a cliche. A project that would benefit from adding LEDs is like riding a hobo, you just need to find the right one.

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    20 September 2007

    Back… sort of

    11:21pm by rudeboy in category: General

    I’m back as the title clearly states. I didn’t really go anywhere, but I’ve been so busy the past few months it seemed that keeping my site up was the easiest part of my routine to eliminate to ease the tension. The people who know me know things around my place have been difficult recently and I’m working overtime to keep things moving.

    I haven’t been up to anything too terribly exciting, though I’ve got some projects in the works that I’ll be sure to share soon. Right now I’m waging intellectual warfare with someone claiming ‘less watts’ is actually the proper English rather than ‘fewer watts’. Regardless of his clear mental handicap ‘fewer watts’ just sounds better. Hmm… that might be bitterness + beer talking.

    Bitter because my football club is playing for shit this year and, coincidentally, the US Dollar is also worth shit. I swear that new fed chairman needs a kick in the beans. The sad state of our economy can prove problematic for my never ceasing lust for silly Asian gadgetry. US and Canadian money is at financial parity for the first time in 31 years. Gonna be so much harder to make fun of Loonies and Toonies if they’re worth more than our money. If memory serves a few Canadian provinces run budget surpluses though I can’t be entirely certain since I’m not Canuckistani; our great white socialist threat to the north. If this keeps up we’ll be dividing the US Dollar by 1000s like Rubles.

    I hear the Federal Reserve is going to redo the $5 bill too. Goodbye Mr. Lincoln, hello Rich Uncle Pennybags!

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    » Bin-Laden denies involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

    » Linux and lingerie. The perfect mix?

    1 March 2007

    So long sunshine

    2:25pm by rudeboy in category: General

    Amanda left for Hawaii today for ten days. It’s a semi-vacation to visit her aunt who’s been ill recently. To make matters worse the -40F wind chill at the airport made the two trips out to employee parking an adventure. And to top it all off the guys I work with noticed I was there and roped me into a day of OT tomorrow. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    This is gonna be the worst ten days ever.

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    » This should be one step; Shop at Goth n’ Go, but some whining sissies need a guide on how to dress emo.

    28 February 2007


    10:09am by rudeboy in category: General

    Checked my email this morning and found nice form letter from HP’s Customer Escalation Manager letting me know my laptop would be delayed. Wait… Customer Escalation Manager? What the hell is that crap? Wonder how many meetings it took to come up with the idea of creating a management level post in charge of sending out completely non-informative form emails?

    Though they did offer me a $50 gift certificate (well, online coupon code) good at the HP Home & Office online store. Looks like I’ll get a new laptop bag out of it for my trouble.

    » Many Iraqis believe ’suicide’ bombings done by US to start a civil war

    » 66 Reasons to Think Twice About HIV Tests

    » The U.S. government has moved to within $25 million of its $8.184 trillion debt ceiling.

    One who, professing virtues that he does not respect, secures the advantage of seeming to be what he depises.