21 May 2019

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  • 15 June 2006

    New job

    3:03pm by rudeboy in category: Work

    After a two week vacation (paid thanks to my unused overtime at AFF), today I started my new job as a ramper at Anchorage International Airport. It can get a bit hectic at times, but it’s generally pretty cool. It doesn’t pay as well as my last job, but with the guarantee of 80 hours per pay period and all the overtime I can handle I’ll be making a lot more money. There are also incentives like flights to places in AK for as low as $10. I’ll even get discounts on Alaska Airlines. The thought of flying to a resort destination in Mexico for $80 and I’m there. Though I’d be far more likely to use that to go to Vancouver for a hockey weekend when the season starts back up.

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    2 June 2006

    Quit my job

    11:12am by rudeboy in category: Work

    Today I quit my job despite the fact that I haven’t gotten word back from my new employer as to whether or not I’m assured a position there. From what I hear they’re so desperate to fill recent vacancies they can’t afford to no. Not that they’d have any reason to. My previous employer, American Fast Freight, is easily the worst company I’ve ever worked for. Never so blatantly has an organization made it clear they don’t give a shit about their employees. They’ll give you your earned vacation time, then refuse to let you take it. The managers get secret bonus incentives for “saving the company undue financial expenditures” and all of those undue expenditures seem to be in the form of employee payroll. They’ll make you come in hours late to cut hours so you have to work that much harder. Then when you’re done you can hang out as long as you want, granted that it’s off the clock. Hours were cut so drastically that my last few paychecks were the equivalent to working a full 80 hour pay period at a job making nearly $4 less per hour.

    I’m moving to a job at the Anchorage International Airport so the criminal background check and driving record request could take a while. I couldn’t be happier to be away from that place and even if it takes a week or two to get confirmation, I can use the vacation. I’ll technically get paid for it when AFF cashes out my 100+ hours of overtime so it’s cool.

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    10 May 2006


    2:43pm by rudeboy in category: Work, Politics

    Heh. Nevermind, homeboy quit today. I’m sure he saw the situation for what it was. Hopefully he’ll have better luck elsewhere and not get stuck with a boss who’s a total cockbite.

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    9 May 2006


    5:21pm by rudeboy in category: Work, Politics

    An interesting addition to yesterday’s discussion. I found out a little more info about FNG. I couldn’t figure out why he was hired for the position he’s in because you don’t generally find many people roughly 5′4″ and 125lbs working in a warehouse setting. It seems he’s a legal immigrant from Mexico, but he’s working on his GED now since he never finished school there (which explains why he’s been ditching out every day at 1pm). Turns out that my boss actually bragged openly about hiring him for exactly that reason. He’s seen by my boss as a poorly-educated immigrant whom, should he step out of line, can, and likely will, be threatened with some bullshit means of jeopardizing his citizenship status. If that didn’t work the threat of a negative review or reference will supposedly keep him in line.

    All I have to say is that that’s a whole buncha bullshit. A warning or write-up for ditching work for some political rally is one thing, but this is outright exploitation.

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    16 March 2006


    1:57pm by rudeboy in category: General, Work

    Thanks to the bullshit stunt the powers that be at work pulled last week I’ve been running my ass off to get freight worked and out to meet appointment times. Today my hard work earned me a pulled muscle in my lower back. Thankfully not a slipped disc or I’d be completely boned, but it’s plenty painful enough to make the rest of the workday, well, interesting. I’m gonna be laid up all weekend I fuckin’ know it…

    Ya know, it’s not until you really wrench your lower back that you realize just how many muscles down there are involved in pooping.

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    9 March 2006

    The Third Reich operating a short drive from your local airport

    2:04pm by rudeboy in category: Work

    I work for the capitalist reincarnation of Nazi fucking Germany. Well, these people are too stupid to function with that level of sophistication so maybe it’s more like working for, I don’t know, a really shitty fast American freight company. Seriously, I’ve studied my history. I watch the History Channel and there are striking similarities here. Ineffectual and mostly incompetent people put into leading positions who can barely get their shoes tied in the morning let alone manage a warehouse. Operations spread to distant facilities run by people with little to no prior managerial experience coupled with a complete lack of oversight. All these so called managers want to do is be left alone by the powers that be which only makes them inclined to do as little as they possibly can to avoid a nasty email or verbal finger-wagging over a crappy, company provided cell phone.

    Anyone below the esteemed position of manager are treated like complete crap. Managers are pressured to (and then subsequently rewarded for) keeping their P&L reports well into the black. The problem is that they accomplish this by cutting as deep into payroll as they dare go without causing people to quit. Employees are routinely told to come in late since the work has to be done by a set time anyway. It’s easy just to cut out any kind of breathing room the workers might have in order to shave an extra hour or two per day off of their next paycheck.

    The last stunt (and it will be the last) pulled by the most notorious of these rogue managers was a surprisingly ingenious plan to permanently lower his division’s payroll. He tells his crew that they can hang out after everything is done to get a little extra time knowing they would do exactly that. Then, when they do what they were explicitly told was OK, the conversation in which the permission was given is denied to have happened and the event is used to fire an employee of his choosing. We’re not stupid, nor are we going to stand idly by while this piece of shit company sets worker’s rights back 50 years. Hours are cut, taking earned vacation time is out of the question all while promised reviews and raises are continually denied. All so these arrogant, incompetent fucks can get a fatter bonus.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna have me a fat little Capitalist for my X-Mas dinner.

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    26 June 2005


    9:51pm by rudeboy in category: Work

    Not looking forward to work tomorrow. We’re taking on a new, big-name client’s freight and they’ve decided they want to see how we handle things. That’s just fantastic. Everyone loves trying to get their job done while someone’s looking over their shoulder just waiting for them to screw up. To make matters worse department heads and region heads are coming out of the woodwork to schmooze the new money. Funny how you don’t see or hear from these people for months, then you screw up or some new client needs a good butt-sucking and there they are.

    After work tomorrow I think I’m going to try to get some pages added to the site. I’m planning on putting up my webcam if I can only think of something anyone would actually want to see. Also, I’m working on an FAQ section based on the linux help I dole out in #slackware on undernet. When someone gets help I can add the question and the resolution (given that there is one) to the FAQ and just paste a link to the thread instead of helping people with the same thing over and over as is usually the case. Well, that’s the idea, whether I can find the time to impliment it or not is another story.

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