21 May 2019

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  • 2 February 2007

    New tattoo

    9:34pm by rudeboy in category: Tattoos

    Finally used the tattoo gift certificates that Amanda got for me. A traditional style left forearm piece inked by Shane Montie of Rebirth Tattoo on C St. My last tattoo was done at the same shop, but when Vinny was running the place.

    Overall I have to say it was a wholly better experience. The guys there rock and Shane does some fantastic work. I was able to make an appointment for the next afternoon and had my forearm done (lined, colored, and shaded) in just under two hours whereas my spiderweb took over two hours with just some thin linework and shading. It’s completely up to the artist, but this much more complex design only cost $25 more than my elbow. Have to say I’m more than happy with how well Shane was able to translate my design to skin, the speed and fantastic pricing I got. I’ve definitely found my shop.

    I’ll post pics later…

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    16 September 2005

    Tattoo #1 finished

    7:44pm by rudeboy in category: Tattoos

    I just got back from Rebirth Tattoo for my second sitting to finish up the spiderweb on my left elbow. Shading is definitely less pleasant than line work, but went a lot quicker. It bled a bit more so the plastic wrap on my arm makes it look like a steak in a supermarket meat section. From here I’m going to start working on more designs. I’m thinking of working toward sleeves or starting with at least one, then working on the other arm. Everything I have planned right now I noticed I was planning for my left arm so I’ll likely focus on that and a large back piece. My designs for cuffs and some Scotland pieces are the farthest along and I’m really liking them so I forsee those getting attention first.

    I’ll be sure to get pics up as soon as I can.

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    27 August 2005

    Rude and (now) Tattooed

    3:23pm by rudeboy in category: Tattoos

    Just got back from the first sitting at Rebirth Tattoo for my first bit of ink. I decided this week that I’ve held onto my designs long enough and it was time to get off my ass. Pretty much every tattoo site you find is going to be filled with stories of people thinking up a design, tweaking it for a week, then getting it done only to hate it 6 months to a year later. My method of choosing a tattoo design is a little more complicated and time consuming. The designs I’ve done have been finished for at least 6 months to a year. Believe me it takes at least that long to decide whether or not you really want it. The tattoo isn’t going to come off, you’re going to be looking at it for the rest of your life so if you can look at a design on paper for a year and still want it as much as you did the day you designed it, go get it done. More often than not you’ll eventually get tired of looking at it, think it’s not as cool as you did when you drew it or find out it’s become incredibly trendy and, even though you came up with it as an original idea, it’s not original anymore.

    A few simple rules to getting a tattoo you’ll never get tired of:

    • Design the tattoo 6 months to a year in advance to see if you tire of it.
    • Only consider tattoos that have some kind of special meaning for you. Don’t get a fad tattoo (band/sports team logos, tribal, etc.) you’re almost guaranteed to hate it later.
    • Don’t let your friend the aspiring tattoo artist do your work for free in his mom’s kitchen. If you do anything stupid by not using a real tattoo artist you deserve to get a horrible tattoo.
    • Investigate your options in artists. Check out all of the local shops. See the artist’s work and pick one that’s previously done well at elements of what you would like done (shading, fine line, filling, etc.)

    Most importantly just think for fuck sake. Don’t come at the situation like a tattoo is something to do some night you’ve been bored. Give it the thought and consideration it needs, make it something that’s special to you and you can’t go wrong…

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