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  • 21 April 2008


    6:25pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Wow, it’s looking like the only thing on the planet with a lower approval rating than Bush is the 2008 Olympics. Yet another downer in the hell hole far-right wingnuts have made of the country.

    Americans just need a pick-me-up so I’m going to start planning the War Criminals Olympics; Waterboarding, the White Phosphor Relay, Grecko Roman Butchering and American Football. Cheney will win gold in every event despite suffering 17 heart attacks. As an added bonus the economy will also turn around as manufacturers will switch from making those awesome SUV ribbon magnets to giant foam fingers that proudly proclaim that the USA is, in fact, number one.

    » Venezuela sends 300 tons of food to Haiti. Bush sends 500 tons of bombs to Iraq. Chavez feeds, Bush kills.

    » Build a ‘Mame Brain‘ for under $150.

    » The case for net neutrality is pretty clear. Should it fail this is what you have to look forward to.

    31 March 2008

    Vote the bums out!

    10:26pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Tomorrow is Anchorage’s municipal election; half-assed self-serving bond proposals and the filling of assembly seats held formerly by corrupt bastards with new bastards looking for their $250 checks. Ironically timed considering our local assembly is one hell of an April Fool’s Day joke. Though I think there’s another vote to be cast that’s gone largely unnoticed. The vote to kick the anti-union capitalists out of our energy co-op.

    Chugach, in the past, has been run under the ideal of high-reliability and a robust preventative maintenance program making for the best, and most affordable, service possible for it’s members. Well, that’s all changed. The travesty that is the current board is working to end all of that. From their insistence on running Chugach as a lowest-possible-price for power provider to their public scapegoating of the IBEW, these anti-union right-wingnuts will stoop to any low to retain control of your power.

    Their most recent round of shenanigans includes a plan to eviscerate the preventative maintenance program to save money and a plan to use MEA as a business model for Chugach in the future. Separately each of these moves would devastate the quality of service consumers have come to enjoy, but combined we’ll have rolling blackouts, 6-10 outages of two hours of more per year and likely countless outages of 15 minutes or less. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone with MEA as a provider.

    For me the deciding factors have been the complete disregard for all forms of alternative energy and the fact that I don’t trust anyone who states unequivocally to not trust a union. Of course all unions have their issues, but I’m pro-union, the last hope of the American middle-class, so anyone who paints them as being evil and scapegoats them for their own ill deeds won’t ever get my vote.

    We can’t let these bastards degrade the power grid we’ve worked this hard to make so robust. We can’t allow them to scapegoat our local union for the sad state they’ve put the co-op in. We can’t tolerate a board that refuses to explore clean, renewable and affordable energy sources. Most of all we can’t allow them to drag Chugach into the gutter where they can work to privatize it allowing them to use our money as their own personal bank accounts as we huddle together for warmth during another all too long winter blackout. Vote the sons of bitches out!

    » If you’re easily frustrated or prone to suicidal behavior, I don’t suggest you attempt The Impossible Quiz 2.

    » Download the book “Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy” free here

    » Examples of some pretty extreme rich and poor divides.

    29 March 2008

    If Hillary can get away with it, so can I…

    3:46pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    “I remember my last trip to Houston. The stench of ash and death in the air from the aftermath of the terrorist nuclear weapon smuggled into the country in a shipping container. We had to run for cover under a hail of gunfire from marauding teams of flesh-eating mutants and crazed rape gangs.”

    Oh, sorry, I misspoke.

    » Steal back your life!

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    » How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories

    4 October 2007

    $4 Trillion missing from Pentagon

    9:12pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Found this article over at Seeking Alpha discussing the looming collapse of the US monetary system. From the article:

    “The Federal Reserve Dollar may be in for another big punch. Gulfnews banking editor Babu Das Augustine has raised the possibility that OPEC may switch from dollars to another currency, furthermore reducing the demand for the Dollar which gets shunned by more and more oil producing countries. Iran only accepts Euros or Yen and Venezuela dumped the greenback while countries in the gulf region move their funds away from it too.”

    Basically, the US is up a certain river without a certain paddle. All the while the government refuses to investigate the $4 Trillion missing from the Pentagon. I think Rumsfeld took it. Most likely bought himself a plane to escape.

    » An interesting visual representation of Linux vs. Windows.

    » Firefox has been around long enough. Maybe it’s time for a new logo. I vote for this one.

    » Republican Child Predator Labeled ‘Democrat’ on O’Reilly Factor.

    3 October 2007

    Alex Jones is an asshole

    10:42pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Alex Jones is an asshole, but he’s also an extremely intelligent and charismatic orator. His passion inspire people who, in a lot of cases, wouldn’t normally listen to his point of view coming from another source. His material on matters such as 9/11 and our government’s influence by, and continued fascination with, the occult seem to be pretty spot on, but you really learn who he is when you listen to his radio show. I mean really listen to it consistently rather than just downloading the audio/video blurbs he picks and chooses to put out there. He has a chauvinist friend on his radio show which is quite dangerous in itself if for no other reason that for his own credibility. It seems that his attention these days has turned almost solely toward illegal immigrants, and by him that term seems interchangeable with ‘Mexican’.

    The problem is a lot of people out there think he’s a leftist bent on bringing down government corruption and exposing The TruthTM . The real truth of the matter is that Alex Jones is a Right Wing racist Libertarian. He’s a psycho, he’s a nut and always has been. If you think he’s a Socialist then you really need to reexamine your understanding of what real Socialism is. This supposed ‘good guy’ is calling for just shy of the outright murder of Mexicans in Texas he’s deemed illegal. Potentially the worst part is the ignorant racist ideology he’s spreading in his listeners. The crowd that practically vomits genius, the “yeah!! fuck you, bitch!! go sports team!!” guys that have shotgun racks in their pickups and beat their wives because pizza isn’t their definition of ‘having dinner ready’. Even if it’s not his intention and maybe it’s just the fact that he lives in Texas, but he’s building quite the base of white racist Libertarian fans.

    Alex Jones is a mind virus. If you’re not careful he’ll pound the podium like Hitler until you’re out there patrolling the border with a high-powered rifle like a loyal minuteman. He’s another powerful voice that could have been used to spread humanism, democracy and a call for some peace and sanity, but he just simply fails.

    It’s OK if you’re inner AJ fan is confused with all of this. When I’m confused I just check my underwear. It holds the answers to all of life’s more important questions.

    » Proof Sidney Crosby is an overrated pansy.

    » This douche-nozzle had what could be considered the most disturbing conversation ever.

    » A simplified look at how the American Medical/Pharmaceutical industry really works.

    26 June 2006

    God damnit

    6:29pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    From this article over at DARPA we get some fantastic news:
    New landmines will soon communicate via a radio network, and move from place to place in order to be most effective.” Termed the “self-healing minefield”, the individual mines are capable of detecting an enemy breach and then moving to seal the gap.

    The patriotic, all-American types are going to be all over this. Minefields that can actually go on the offensive. “Landmines are awful, but letting genocidal dictators rule the world is worse“. You know what else sucks? False dichotomies. And yes, I also concede that tanks, machine guns, mandatory military service for all South Korean men, nuclear bombs, Delta Force, Chuck Norris, and the prayers of innocent children have helped to keep North Korea from invading South Korea. That’s the ‘dichotomy’ part of ‘false dichotomy’. You can actually have no mines as well as not be invaded.

    A part of me wants to believe those kinds of arguments, but history has proven time and time again that new weaponry never reduces human misery. Look at, for example, non-lethal policing weapons. They haven’t replaced lethal force, they’ve just allowed the police to weaponize conflicts they previously wouldn’t have had weapons for. Now they can shoot first against a civilian demonstration if they aren’t using bullets. I’m sure the people working on those projects imagined their technology replacing firearms. I, personally, would refuse to work on any weapons project, no matter how rosy a picture the client painted for me.

    And now we have smart landmines that talk to each other and coordinate with each other as to how best to effectively kill the enemy. Princess Diana is rolling over in her grave. What the fuck is wrong with the world?

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    » Bin-Laden denies involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

    » Linux and lingerie. The perfect mix?

    20 June 2006

    Fucking crimethinc kids

    3:06pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    From this article I found over at crimethinc:
    Firstly, the amount of donations that have come in for Fighting for Our Lives is much, much less than we anticipated. Between printing and shipping, this printing of FFOL will cost around $25,000.

    Yeah or, uhh, here’s a wild fucking crazy thought; PUT IT THE FUCK ONLINE! They’re already using the power of the interweb and have a web server, website, hosting, etc. so what the fuck are they doing paying for printing? It’s not that hard to snip a few wires on a public copier. Hell, I’ll do it myself and send them 100 copies on my own dime along with a note to shut the fuck up. Another thing, how the hell did they get $25,000 in the first place? And more importantly why are they wasting that $25,000 on printing pamphlets and books when posting this shit online in a downloadable and self-printable format would be practically free in comparison?

    I can’t even begin to recall how many times these crimethinc kids have started fights over publishing; “go suck some publisher’s cock. I’m sure they’ll give you a discount”. I buy used, motherfucker. Sorry I’m not as cool as all these crimethinc kids copying classic books by hand with stolen (of course) Bic pens onto pieces of paper from the trash. Crimethinc kids r kewliez.

    » 20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA.

    » Tracking the 19 Hijackers. At least 9 of them survived 9/11. What are they up to now?

    » This should be one step; Shop at Goth n’ Go, but some whining sissies need a guide on how to dress emo.

    7 June 2006

    Comics Code Authority

    6:26pm by rudeboy in category: Comics, Politics

    The CCA is still my favorite of the governmental media censoring organizations. Founded in 1954 to save the youth of Amerika from the craven immorality that is the comic book. The hysteria was sparked by infamous psychologist and author Frederic Wertham . His book “Seduction of the Innocent” was the first, but certainly not the last, publication to claim that Batman and his live-in boy-toy Robin were in the BatCloset. He also claimed Wonder Woman to be a man-hating lesbian, but Mr. Wertham didn’t mind that sort of thing as long as he was allowed to watch. This was one of the earliest “OMG! That fictional character aimed at children is totally queer!” campaigns. Tinky-Winky was late to the party.

    From Wikipedia:
    In its original form, the Code prohibited depictions of gore, sexuality, and excessive violence; required that authority figures were never to be ridiculed or presented disrespectfully, and that good must always win; and prohibited scenes with vampires, werewolves, ghouls or zombies. The code also prohibited advertisements of liquor, tobacco, knives, fireworks, nude pin-ups and postcards, and “toiletry products of questionable nature”.

    The comics code seriously impeded creativity and fun in comics, not that writers and artists didn’t find ways to sneak around it. The funniest one I can remember is how in old Spectre comics The Spectre would turn people into plants or trees before burning them as to bypass the Authority’s silly “no burning people” policy. It’s crazy to think of how many would-have-been good stories were adversely affected by this. It’s just a relief to see major imprints such as Marvel seeing the code for the creativity-stifling censorship that it is and dumping it in favor of a much more reasonable “we’ll put whatever we want in our books, slap our own rating on the cover and let people decide for themselves” rating system.

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    » The U.S. government has moved to within $25 million of its $8.184 trillion debt ceiling.

    ACADEMY, n.
    [from ACADEME] A modern school where football is taught.