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  • 20 December 2005

    Mutt for mailto links in Firefox

    7:26pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

    A buddy of mine has been looking to switch to mutt from graphical mail client for it’s configurability, speed and stability. I didn’t get into setting up console mail apps in my last post because I didn’t think there was going to be much interest considering I only know four people who use mutt (and a few suckers who use emacs) for mail. I don’t use or like emacs so if you use it you’re on your own. However, if you use mutt this is how you set it up to be used as the mail app with Firefox.

    First off reopen the about:config dialog and find the network.protocol-handler.app.mailto setting as described in the last post. Instead of setting it’s value to the name of a client we set it to mutt_mailto.sh. Now, somewhere in your path (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc.) make the mutt_mailto.sh file. It’s contents are easy and should look like this:

    EXEC Eterm -e mutt "$@"

    The syntax is near identical for xterm. Just change the second line to EXEC xterm e mutt "$@". This should work with any app that accepts command line arguments and understand the standard “mailto:bofh@domain.com?subject=foobar” syntax.

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    19 December 2005

    Default mail client in Firefox

    12:41pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

    Not everyone running linux uses a desktop environment or window manager that supports a global “default email application” setting which Firefox and various other browsers are programmed to automatically detect. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a preferences setting for this and it can get to be a real pain in the ass. For pre-1.5 versions of Firefox there was a patch against defaults/pref/firefox.js that set Thunderbird as the default mail client. I’m fairly certain with minor tweaking the patch could still work, but what if you don’t want to use Thunderbird?

    To pick your own email client you need to tweak the internal Firefox config settings. First open a browser window and in the address bar type about:config. This will bring up the entire list of internal settings, but we only need the ones related to the mail application. In the filter bar type mail and press enter to filter out everything but mail related settings. First off we need to ensure that Firefox is exposing mailto links to external applications by checking these settings:

    network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto default boolean true
    network.protocol-handler.external.mailto default boolean true

    If either of these settings don’t match the above on your system simply double-click it to toggle it between true and false. Once these two are set we need to add the handler for the default mail app. Right click anywhere in the window body, select new -> string. A window will pop up asking for the preference name. Enter network.protocol-handler.app.mailto for the name and /usr/bin/thunderbird for the value.

    The value of this string is all the will determine the mail app that Firefox will use. It can be anything from Thunderbird to Kmail, even mutt if you’re like me.

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    17 November 2005

    Linux-based internet tablet shipping today

    3:44pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

    Interesting device shipping today from Nokia, the 770 ($359.99). A device rather dubiously called an “internet tablet” that’s actually more of an uber-web-enabled PDA. Most notable about it is the custom Debian-based distribution that’s completely open source as it runs GTK rather than Trolltech’s ebmedded QT. I tend to prefer my apps look clean and professional than something playskool designed.

    Some impressive stats as well. Featuring the afore-mentioned Debian-based distribution called Maemo, which includes kernel 2.6 and X.org/Scratchbox WM. Hardware specs are: 800×480 screen, 220 MHz TI OMAP ARM processor (with DSP), 64M of RAM, 128M of flash, USB slave port, 802.11b/g wireless, Bluetooth, and an RS-MMC slot. It sports a battery life of 3 hours with continous Wi-Fi usage. Not a fantastic amount of time I’ll admit, but how many people are going to have the need to sit and browse the internet or keep a Wi-Fi connection going on a PDA for 3 hours straight? Not many. Withtout the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in use the battery would last considerably longer. Either way it’s not much of a problem considering it accepts common Nokia phone batteries so it would only cost another $30 to keep a fully-charged spare handy. 6 hours of continuous PDA usage ought to be enough to get anyone through the day. If you need more you’re not the target audience and should probably be looking into picking up a laptop.

    Another incredibly smart move on Nokia’s part was sending the units to developers before the media so the 770 would have a wealth of new apps and ports by launch today. Check out the impressive lineup of launch apps here.

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    19 October 2005


    7:35pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

    The other day a guy I’ve regularly helped out with linux issues read my post on the whole Wine/WineX/Cedega thing and offered me access to his TransGaming account as thanks. It’s a year subscription so hell if I’m gonna turn that down. I’ve since spent the better part of this week installing, configuring, testing, fixing code, reconfiguring, uninstalling, reinstalling and I still haven’t gotten a single game to run. Granted I don’t have any of the latest and greatest games that undoubtedly TransGaming is putting all of their efforts into supporting, but I find it a little odd that NOTHING will run. Every time I install a game i get the same wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger... error. Everything is working fine hardware wise. Installers with 3D content work flawlessly, but the games refuse to run. I can’t seem to find generalized documentation or howtos amidst of the mountains of World of Warcraft shite so if anyone has Cedega 4.4.3 with or without Point2Play 2.0.3 running games on Slackware 10.2, let me know. At least I know the free Wine will play fallout 1/2 and most other games just fine…

    My take on the matter is echoed almost perfectly by threads on TransGaming’s own forum. TransGaming hyped WineX 4.0 as being the breakthrough in seamless windows gaming on linux that it’s clearly not. They only support the games in the media spotlight and as soon as they’re not the latest and greatest they drop them completely whether they’re working 100% or not. It’s pretty clear their only intention is to support the latest games in order to seduce more would-be linux converts into paying for Cedega with wildly exaggerated hype only to drop them as soon as their game of choice isn’t generating revenue. I’m really disappointed in Cedega, but at least I got to try it for free which is a lot more than most people can say. I’ll hold onto the account until Cedega 5.0 is released in about two week. If that flops and doesn’t work with a much wider range of games, TransGaming is going to see a huge decline in profits.

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    11 October 2005

    Accelerated Xinerama

    4:08pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

    I finally got around to installing my GeForce 6600 GT this weekend. Installing mesa and the nvidia drivers was actually a lot easier than I remembered it from my original geforce-on-linux days. I’m not much of a PC gamer anymore, but I didn’t waste much time in tracking down the demos for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Doom 3. Not flawless, but more than I expected with the sorry state of closed graphics drivers on linux. Nvidia is set to release a new driver at the end of this month that is rumored to be a large improvement over the current 7676 drivers. We’ll see.

    Command & Conquer: Renegade still won’t run on wine proper, nor a cvs checkout of winex. I’m all but convinced that TransGaming purposefully cripples their cvs tree to intice people to pay for a subscription to the pre-packaged version (which actually works). Who knows, maybe I’ll pay my tithe and pick up a copy some day since several people tell me the few pc games I still play work perfectly on it. Anyone care to loan me a copy?

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