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  • 21 September 2007

    LED everything!

    8:05pm by rudeboy in category: Hardware

    When looking up a cool tech mods it’s near impossible to find anything that doesn’t involve taking anything with electric current running through it and packing it full of obnoxiously bright and multi-colored LEDs. I happened upon a fellow trying to mod his Nintendo Wii virtual console controller with LEDs. Since only two of the buttons are clear he wanted to get another pair of clear buttons and then pack the controller with sweet blinding light.

    While trying to explain that he should just stop bitching and either buy another controller to scavenge parts from or steal one from his friends I realized what a completely useless mod this was. No doubt he was going to solder a few ultra blue LEDs under the buttons, post pictures of it on the interweb and surely bask in the torrent of dork praise that was to follow. It’s a stupid mod because it’s just more cheap plastic. You know what would be really cool? A controller that didn’t glow. Sure it’s normal, but what the hell does a glowing controller do for you? How about saving all of your money, dig through your little sisters room and throw some glitter on it. Sure I may not know good taste, but what the hell does a glowing Nintendo controller have to do with good taste?

    The worst part of it all is these kids thing this is the start of big things for them. They’ll parlay their mad LED controller modding skills into an executive vice presidency at an electronics firm or their clear devotion to gaming “style” will get them into the video game biz. Well believe me, making games is nothing like playing games. Making games is a crappy job, then again, being a troll on the internet is a crappy life. I’ll come up with a response to that as soon as I finish writing my name in rhinestones on my keyboard. LEDs and cathodes are nerd jewelery, real men bedazzle! Sure, call me gay, but know it’s coming from the guy with the glowing controller. I hope all of your friends at the rave are impressed.

    Adding LEDs to something electronic isn’t a mod, it’s a cliche. A project that would benefit from adding LEDs is like riding a hobo, you just need to find the right one.

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    18 February 2007

    Nintendo DS. Best mobile console ever?

    1:10am by rudeboy in category: Hardware

    For the past few years I’ve been, rather naively, buying games for my Nintendo DS and scouring eBay for old Gameboy Advance games since I never had a GBA. It seems while I wasn’t looking a few thousand developers and consumers snuck an entire flash drive market out onto the series of tubes without me noticing (or was it that I just didn’t care at the time? who knows).

    Turns out these little things are pretty fuckin’ sweet. A card the same size as a normal DS cart is required to be placed in the DS game slot to boot a decondary flash drive in the GameBoy Advance slot. The flash drives in the GBA slot have either internal memory or accept memory cards of various formats and sizes which actually store the games.

    I’ve got my DS pimped out with a R4DS slot-1 flash cart loaded with a 2gb microSD and 43 DS games as well as an M3 Perfect Lite slot-2 adapter with a 2gb microSD card and 220 GameBoy Advance Games.

    I’ve found that the GameBoy Advance was the PS2 of the mobile world as the vast majority of the games released for it are complete crap, but out of the 2600+ I have, the 220 I’ve narrowed it down to are solidly decent. Given all of the Final Fantasy and in-depth Nintendo first party GBA games and the ever changing lineup of DS games, this thing is going to keep me busy for years. Even after Nintendo releases a new portable system I know I’m going to have my trusty DS loaded with all the greatest games to keep my occupied on the can.

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    16 February 2007

    New Toy

    2:28pm by rudeboy in category: Hardware

    Just placed an order for a new laptop. I was in the market for a desktop replacement notebook. Not that I’m in any way dissatisfied with my main desktop, but when the motherboard in my linux box failed I was surprised how easy it was to fall back on my rather underpowered XP laptop. This also reminded me how much I loathe windows. I considered upgrading my current laptop to linux, but I knew selling it for a decent price would be necessary for getting a new one. Reinstalling XP isn’t my idea of fun so I just toughed it out until I found a buyer… thanks Sean.

    I opted for a custom 17″ HP Pavilion dv9000t. Intel Core 2 Duo and 2GB ram with a free upgrade to a 120GB SATA hard drive. From my research it looks like pretty much all of the available options on the dv9000t are supported by linux with little hastle. Minus, of course, for the more windowsey, multimedia functions like the HDTV tuner/remote and the built-in webcam, without with one can easily shave nearly $200 off the price tag.

    They say it’ll be finished and shipped by the 28th so I should get it around March 5th. Which means I’ll have slackware installed on it by the 6th.

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    7 May 2006

    I’m back

    1:57pm by rudeboy in category: General, Hardware

    Everyone noticed my abrupt disappearance two weeks ago. I’m fairly certain the power supply I got with my new computer was faulty. The system worked oddly for about two days, then crapped out completely and wouldn’t even POST. I sent the motherboard back to get a replacement, but when it didn’t show up last week I opted to put my old motherboard back in the case and use it for the time being. Problem is it’s now doing the same thing the new motherboard did.

    When I get the board back from ASUS I’ll set it up with my old power supply. If that works I’m going to RMA the power supply because it’s more than likely causing my problems. It’s just gonna suck if I can’t get my old motherboard working because it’s been my faithful backup for over 5 years. Not to mention the fact that someone wants to buy it from me… crap.

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    6 March 2006

    CNET Accuses Apple of Over-Hyping Launch

    10:19pm by rudeboy in category: General, Hardware

    C|NET said last week that Apple over-hyped the launch of two rather mediocre products in the grand scheme of things. Wow! Newsflash! I said the same thing the day before this article ran. Nice to see I’m not the only one who can see through the hype.

    To be completely fair Apple didn’t send this one out press-release style as they usually do, but if it wasn’t intended to be a normal high-profile affair it shouldn’t have been held in the Apple Town Hall in Cupertino, California, where the iPod was first unleashed. They also shouldn’t have had Steve Jobs’ doing the unveiling of what amounted to faster, shinier bits of the same ol’ Apple fare and a ghetto-blaster for your iPod.

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    PATRIOT, n.
    1) One to whom the interests of a part seem superior to those of the whole. The dupe of statesmen and the tool of conquerors.
    2) A dangerous tool of the powers that be. A herd member who compensates for lack of self-respect by identifying with an abstraction. An enemy of individual freedom. A fancier of the rich, arousing odor of boot leather.