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25 September 2017

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  • 31 March 2008

    Vote the bums out!

    10:26pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

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    Tomorrow is Anchorage’s municipal election; half-assed self-serving bond proposals and the filling of assembly seats held formerly by corrupt bastards with new bastards looking for their $250 checks. Ironically timed considering our local assembly is one hell of an April Fool’s Day joke. Though I think there’s another vote to be cast that’s gone largely unnoticed. The vote to kick the anti-union capitalists out of our energy co-op.

    Chugach, in the past, has been run under the ideal of high-reliability and a robust preventative maintenance program making for the best, and most affordable, service possible for it’s members. Well, that’s all changed. The travesty that is the current board is working to end all of that. From their insistence on running Chugach as a lowest-possible-price for power provider to their public scapegoating of the IBEW, these anti-union right-wingnuts will stoop to any low to retain control of your power.

    Their most recent round of shenanigans includes a plan to eviscerate the preventative maintenance program to save money and a plan to use MEA as a business model for Chugach in the future. Separately each of these moves would devastate the quality of service consumers have come to enjoy, but combined we’ll have rolling blackouts, 6-10 outages of two hours of more per year and likely countless outages of 15 minutes or less. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone with MEA as a provider.

    For me the deciding factors have been the complete disregard for all forms of alternative energy and the fact that I don’t trust anyone who states unequivocally to not trust a union. Of course all unions have their issues, but I’m pro-union, the last hope of the American middle-class, so anyone who paints them as being evil and scapegoats them for their own ill deeds won’t ever get my vote.

    We can’t let these bastards degrade the power grid we’ve worked this hard to make so robust. We can’t allow them to scapegoat our local union for the sad state they’ve put the co-op in. We can’t tolerate a board that refuses to explore clean, renewable and affordable energy sources. Most of all we can’t allow them to drag Chugach into the gutter where they can work to privatize it allowing them to use our money as their own personal bank accounts as we huddle together for warmth during another all too long winter blackout. Vote the sons of bitches out!

    » Venezuela sends 300 tons of food to Haiti. Bush sends 500 tons of bombs to Iraq. Chavez feeds, Bush kills.

    » Build a ‘Mame Brain‘ for under $150.

    » The case for net neutrality is pretty clear. Should it fail this is what you have to look forward to.

    29 March 2008

    If Hillary can get away with it, so can I…

    3:46pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

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    “I remember my last trip to Houston. The stench of ash and death in the air from the aftermath of the terrorist nuclear weapon smuggled into the country in a shipping container. We had to run for cover under a hail of gunfire from marauding teams of flesh-eating mutants and crazed rape gangs.”

    Oh, sorry, I misspoke.

    » If you’re easily frustrated or prone to suicidal behavior, I don’t suggest you attempt The Impossible Quiz 2.

    » Download the book “Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy” free here

    » Examples of some pretty extreme rich and poor divides.

    "YOUNG MEN: The lowest aim in your life is to become a soldier. The good soldier never tries to distinguish right from wrong. He never thinks; never reasons; he only obeys. If he is ordered to fire on his fellow citizens, on his friends, on his neighbors, on his relatives, he obeys without hesitation. If he is ordered to fire down a crowded street when the poor are clamoring for bread, he obeys and see the grey hairs of age stained with red and the life tide gushing from the breasts of women, feeling neither remorse nor sympathy. If he is ordered off as a firing squad to execute a hero or benefactor, he fires without hesitation, though he knows the bullet will pierce the noblest heart that ever beat in human breast.

    "A good soldier is a blind, heartless, soulless, murderous machine. He is not a man. His is not a brute, for brutes kill only in self defense. All that is human in him, all that is divine in him, all that constitutes the man has been sworn away when he took the enlistment roll. His mind, his conscience, aye, his very soul, are in the keeping of his officer. No man can fall lower than a soldier it is a depth beneath which we cannot go." -Jack London