22 April 2019

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  • 3 October 2007

    Alex Jones is an asshole

    10:42pm by rudeboy in category: Politics

    Alex Jones is an asshole, but he’s also an extremely intelligent and charismatic orator. His passion inspire people who, in a lot of cases, wouldn’t normally listen to his point of view coming from another source. His material on matters such as 9/11 and our government’s influence by, and continued fascination with, the occult seem to be pretty spot on, but you really learn who he is when you listen to his radio show. I mean really listen to it consistently rather than just downloading the audio/video blurbs he picks and chooses to put out there. He has a chauvinist friend on his radio show which is quite dangerous in itself if for no other reason that for his own credibility. It seems that his attention these days has turned almost solely toward illegal immigrants, and by him that term seems interchangeable with ‘Mexican’.

    The problem is a lot of people out there think he’s a leftist bent on bringing down government corruption and exposing The TruthTM . The real truth of the matter is that Alex Jones is a Right Wing racist Libertarian. He’s a psycho, he’s a nut and always has been. If you think he’s a Socialist then you really need to reexamine your understanding of what real Socialism is. This supposed ‘good guy’ is calling for just shy of the outright murder of Mexicans in Texas he’s deemed illegal. Potentially the worst part is the ignorant racist ideology he’s spreading in his listeners. The crowd that practically vomits genius, the “yeah!! fuck you, bitch!! go sports team!!” guys that have shotgun racks in their pickups and beat their wives because pizza isn’t their definition of ‘having dinner ready’. Even if it’s not his intention and maybe it’s just the fact that he lives in Texas, but he’s building quite the base of white racist Libertarian fans.

    Alex Jones is a mind virus. If you’re not careful he’ll pound the podium like Hitler until you’re out there patrolling the border with a high-powered rifle like a loyal minuteman. He’s another powerful voice that could have been used to spread humanism, democracy and a call for some peace and sanity, but he just simply fails.

    It’s OK if you’re inner AJ fan is confused with all of this. When I’m confused I just check my underwear. It holds the answers to all of life’s more important questions.


    1. Firstly, Alex Jones is not calling for the murder of anyone and what do you mean by those that he’s “deemed illegal”? If they come into the country illegaly, then they’re illegal. There’s no buts, ands or ifs about it and they should be rounded up and deported.

      Secondly, what “chauvinist friend” are you reffering to?

      Lastly, there is nothing wrong with having a gun rack in your pickup truck. Owning guns is the spirit of America and the most essential freedom (along with free speech) that we have.

      I’ll agree on 1 thing, Alex Jones is a mind virus. We’re the good bacteria that is going to destroy the murderous NWO scum that has taken control of this planet. Alex Jones is a true patriot and a hero.

      Comment by Steve AKA sniper479 — 25 April 2008 @ 8:29am

    2. “lastly, there is nothing wrong with having a gun rack in your pickup truck. Owning guns is the spirit of America and the most essential freedom (along with free speech) that we have.”

      Yeah it’s more important to shoot people than try to talk with them. Or at least that what the right wing in this country would have you believe.

      Comment by Chris mankey — 24 June 2008 @ 7:28am

    3. You just used the strawman technique (either knowingly or subconciously). I never said anything about shooting people. We’re engaging in peaceful resistance, but it’s important to be armed and ready for when they turn this into a literal war. We are not the aggressors.

      Also, get out of the fraud of the left/right paradigm. “Left” and “Right” don’t have much application in reality. There is only freedom vs tyranny.

      Comment by Steve AKA sniper479 — 28 July 2008 @ 4:45am

    4. Alex Jones is a moron; it’s as simple as that.

      The only people stupid enough to listen to/believe anything he says are Americans.

      Well Done :|

      Comment by Hoochi — 12 January 2009 @ 7:44am

    5. Great article. I agree completely with your evaluation of that overblown bag of wind. I hope he blows a gut next time he opens up with fat mouth of his! I be he has a weak ticker.

      Comment by Richard Neva — 6 February 2009 @ 4:25pm

    6. this alex jones make me want to vomit. He is a total scammer. He is the ultimate in deception. I don’t know which is worse he or the fact that so many can fall for the nonsense news he spews. He sells the same message as his role model david koresh. Look up alex on wikipedia (Of course if you are a fan you probably think anything but what he says is not real). The guy pretends like the messiah and gives the same message as many other cult leaders. The world is getting taken over or the world is coming to an end, everyone follow me I am your leader. He has ridiculous advertisements suggesting people to buy seeds just to survive in case of food shortage. Of course he is the one profiting and surviving from the money deluded fans spend on such products. They sell a 2000 dollar crappy solar panel in case you have a temporary power outtage you will have enough energy to power a toaster. The whole thing is so absolutely disgusting and insidious. The whole site is like watching an enormous infomercial. I am sickened by all the scammer people like this profiting from people’s fear and desperation. Grrr.

      Comment by human — 20 March 2009 @ 5:32am

    7. I first heard Jones on a BBC documentary series entitled “The Secret Rulers Of The World”presented by Jon Ronson.Jones was ranting some stuff, about British people being deferential morons.Now to me that didn’t match up with my experiences of being brought up by radical ,angry working class parents,neither did it match our post war history containing much class agitation.
      I read around the subject (ie Jones),and chatted online with his supporter’s.To my mind he/they seem/ed to have a very mixed up and contradictory world view,as well as a complete lack of understanding of socialism.
      Whilst attacking the neo-cons ,Jones still manages to somehow blame those “evil”socialists,for the very policies which they are diametrically opposed to..ie capitalistic oligarchies and vicious inegalitarianism,as embodied by the Cheney/Bush axis.
      This trick is seen in his matching nazism with Marxism..ignoring the fact that German capital used Hitler as a bulwark against those they feared most ie the left,the agitating trade unions ,the ordinary people etc.
      Socialists have always been in the forefront of challenging racism and facsism,but for Jones convenient and shallow theories to neatly tie up, he needs to ignore such inconvenient truth’s.
      The question is then “does Jones really want people to rise up”?I think that he wants them to act,but in reality only in a very limitted way.Ask yourself would his preferred society look much different than the present USA? I think it would be a world of privatised utilities,vast inequality,and with power concentrated in the hands of the ‘haves’.
      In Jones ideal world,modelled on an America that never was, unions would be severely restricted,(they might get all socialist),climate change would go unchallenged (as it’s just another tax grabbing conspiracy according to Mr Tin-Hat-Jones),and Mexican’s would live in constant fear.
      Oh Mr Jones,my British parent’s and their ilk were so much more radical,insightful and consistent than you will ever be.

      Comment by Evil Socialist — 28 June 2009 @ 9:42am

    8. Alex Jones, is incredibly single minded. I watched the pod cast of him interviewing Peter Joseph. He basically yells at him and tells him he will piss down his leg etc. That is very single minded and childish he doesn’t discuss stuff correctly. Also, he claims Zeit Geist is a one world order informant and its wrong and what not but what does he say? There is a war on your mind and yet he is in the war trying to tell you to follow Society today. Ex: The gun shelf in your truck ideal and this so called “freedom” you all think you have. Your speech can be taken away you must realize this you can be put in jail or killed. ex: Going into public and shouting about Barrak Obama you will get jumped or put in jail for being a disturbance. Your gun can be taken away to they make you CARRY a license to use this its a false view of freedom therefor he is wrong. This “NWO” version of things is idealistic and causes drama thats not needed if he was really trying to help the world he would help the other people who talk about it first not just himself. Another big thing i’d like to cover is ZeitGeist is free. Plain and simple it was put on Google videos to be free and it is now on the other hand. As for Alex Jones, his video’s really do cost 29.95 and he doesn’t see the point he is trying to make you put that price on something to make it see cheaper then what it really is 30 dollars. The ending ideal of this whole thing is I looked up to a lot of this stuff im 16 and i thought i knew a lot more then what ive learned from ZeitGeist, loose change, and some of Alex Jones information witch I’ve found to be hypocritical and one sided on Alex’s part. I don’t recommend trying to learn anything from this man. If you truly want to know something go in public and open your eyes to what you really have turn off the news and see the world for what it truly is not what people put in front of you. The sad truth is no one is free and once everyone see’s this then we can get out of the grasp easier. Homeland security, Medical Systems, Technology, Governments, and Wars are mere masses of what is really going on. For the fact remains if you are claimed a terrorist now they can take your house, your children, your cars, your money, and put you away for life and possibly all your family for aiding a fugitive. But people still think that we are a loving country and that were free. Another topic I’d like to touch is Religion, humanity always has to have something greater then its self the first thing worshiped was the sun this was before, Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, and any other religious beliefs out there. Also Alex Jones himself is into god so he talks about these structures being bad and paralyzing and etc but yet he is in them himself.

      Thank you all,


      Comment by James — 17 July 2009 @ 10:14am

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