22 April 2019

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  • 18 February 2007

    Nintendo DS. Best mobile console ever?

    1:10am by rudeboy in category: Hardware

    For the past few years I’ve been, rather naively, buying games for my Nintendo DS and scouring eBay for old Gameboy Advance games since I never had a GBA. It seems while I wasn’t looking a few thousand developers and consumers snuck an entire flash drive market out onto the series of tubes without me noticing (or was it that I just didn’t care at the time? who knows).

    Turns out these little things are pretty fuckin’ sweet. A card the same size as a normal DS cart is required to be placed in the DS game slot to boot a decondary flash drive in the GameBoy Advance slot. The flash drives in the GBA slot have either internal memory or accept memory cards of various formats and sizes which actually store the games.

    I’ve got my DS pimped out with a R4DS slot-1 flash cart loaded with a 2gb microSD and 43 DS games as well as an M3 Perfect Lite slot-2 adapter with a 2gb microSD card and 220 GameBoy Advance Games.

    I’ve found that the GameBoy Advance was the PS2 of the mobile world as the vast majority of the games released for it are complete crap, but out of the 2600+ I have, the 220 I’ve narrowed it down to are solidly decent. Given all of the Final Fantasy and in-depth Nintendo first party GBA games and the ever changing lineup of DS games, this thing is going to keep me busy for years. Even after Nintendo releases a new portable system I know I’m going to have my trusty DS loaded with all the greatest games to keep my occupied on the can.

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