22 April 2019

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  • 2 June 2006

    Quit my job

    11:12am by rudeboy in category: Work

    Today I quit my job despite the fact that I haven’t gotten word back from my new employer as to whether or not I’m assured a position there. From what I hear they’re so desperate to fill recent vacancies they can’t afford to no. Not that they’d have any reason to. My previous employer, American Fast Freight, is easily the worst company I’ve ever worked for. Never so blatantly has an organization made it clear they don’t give a shit about their employees. They’ll give you your earned vacation time, then refuse to let you take it. The managers get secret bonus incentives for “saving the company undue financial expenditures” and all of those undue expenditures seem to be in the form of employee payroll. They’ll make you come in hours late to cut hours so you have to work that much harder. Then when you’re done you can hang out as long as you want, granted that it’s off the clock. Hours were cut so drastically that my last few paychecks were the equivalent to working a full 80 hour pay period at a job making nearly $4 less per hour.

    I’m moving to a job at the Anchorage International Airport so the criminal background check and driving record request could take a while. I couldn’t be happier to be away from that place and even if it takes a week or two to get confirmation, I can use the vacation. I’ll technically get paid for it when AFF cashes out my 100+ hours of overtime so it’s cool.

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