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25 September 2017

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  • 9 May 2006


    5:21pm by rudeboy in category: Work, Politics

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    An interesting addition to yesterday’s discussion. I found out a little more info about FNG. I couldn’t figure out why he was hired for the position he’s in because you don’t generally find many people roughly 5′4″ and 125lbs working in a warehouse setting. It seems he’s a legal immigrant from Mexico, but he’s working on his GED now since he never finished school there (which explains why he’s been ditching out every day at 1pm). Turns out that my boss actually bragged openly about hiring him for exactly that reason. He’s seen by my boss as a poorly-educated immigrant whom, should he step out of line, can, and likely will, be threatened with some bullshit means of jeopardizing his citizenship status. If that didn’t work the threat of a negative review or reference will supposedly keep him in line.

    All I have to say is that that’s a whole buncha bullshit. A warning or write-up for ditching work for some political rally is one thing, but this is outright exploitation.

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    "How is a military drilled and trained to defend freedom, peace and happiness? This is what Major General O'Ryan has to say of an efficiently trained generation: 'The soldier must be so trained that he becomes a mere automoton; he must be so trained that it will destroy his initiative; he must be so trained that he is turned into a machine. The soldier must be forced into the military noose; he must be jacked up; he must be ruled by his superiors with pistol in hand.' This was not said by a Prussian Junker; not by a German barbarian . . . but by an American major general. And he is right. You cannot conduct war with equals; you cannot have militarism with free born men; you must have slaves, automotons, machines, obedient disciplined creatures, who will move, act, shoot and kill at the command of their superiors. That is preparedness, and nothing else." -Emma Goldman, Preparedness: The Road to Universal Slaughter