21 February 2019

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  • 7 May 2006

    I’m back

    1:57pm by rudeboy in category: General, Hardware

    Everyone noticed my abrupt disappearance two weeks ago. I’m fairly certain the power supply I got with my new computer was faulty. The system worked oddly for about two days, then crapped out completely and wouldn’t even POST. I sent the motherboard back to get a replacement, but when it didn’t show up last week I opted to put my old motherboard back in the case and use it for the time being. Problem is it’s now doing the same thing the new motherboard did.

    When I get the board back from ASUS I’ll set it up with my old power supply. If that works I’m going to RMA the power supply because it’s more than likely causing my problems. It’s just gonna suck if I can’t get my old motherboard working because it’s been my faithful backup for over 5 years. Not to mention the fact that someone wants to buy it from me… crap.

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