22 April 2019

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  • 9 March 2006

    The Third Reich operating a short drive from your local airport

    2:04pm by rudeboy in category: Work

    I work for the capitalist reincarnation of Nazi fucking Germany. Well, these people are too stupid to function with that level of sophistication so maybe it’s more like working for, I don’t know, a really shitty fast American freight company. Seriously, I’ve studied my history. I watch the History Channel and there are striking similarities here. Ineffectual and mostly incompetent people put into leading positions who can barely get their shoes tied in the morning let alone manage a warehouse. Operations spread to distant facilities run by people with little to no prior managerial experience coupled with a complete lack of oversight. All these so called managers want to do is be left alone by the powers that be which only makes them inclined to do as little as they possibly can to avoid a nasty email or verbal finger-wagging over a crappy, company provided cell phone.

    Anyone below the esteemed position of manager are treated like complete crap. Managers are pressured to (and then subsequently rewarded for) keeping their P&L reports well into the black. The problem is that they accomplish this by cutting as deep into payroll as they dare go without causing people to quit. Employees are routinely told to come in late since the work has to be done by a set time anyway. It’s easy just to cut out any kind of breathing room the workers might have in order to shave an extra hour or two per day off of their next paycheck.

    The last stunt (and it will be the last) pulled by the most notorious of these rogue managers was a surprisingly ingenious plan to permanently lower his division’s payroll. He tells his crew that they can hang out after everything is done to get a little extra time knowing they would do exactly that. Then, when they do what they were explicitly told was OK, the conversation in which the permission was given is denied to have happened and the event is used to fire an employee of his choosing. We’re not stupid, nor are we going to stand idly by while this piece of shit company sets worker’s rights back 50 years. Hours are cut, taking earned vacation time is out of the question all while promised reviews and raises are continually denied. All so these arrogant, incompetent fucks can get a fatter bonus.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna have me a fat little Capitalist for my X-Mas dinner.

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