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rudeboy » Mutt for mailto links in Firefox
25 February 2018

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  • 20 December 2005

    Mutt for mailto links in Firefox

    7:26pm by rudeboy in category: Linux

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    A buddy of mine has been looking to switch to mutt from graphical mail client for it’s configurability, speed and stability. I didn’t get into setting up console mail apps in my last post because I didn’t think there was going to be much interest considering I only know four people who use mutt (and a few suckers who use emacs) for mail. I don’t use or like emacs so if you use it you’re on your own. However, if you use mutt this is how you set it up to be used as the mail app with Firefox.

    First off reopen the about:config dialog and find the network.protocol-handler.app.mailto setting as described in the last post. Instead of setting it’s value to the name of a client we set it to mutt_mailto.sh. Now, somewhere in your path (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc.) make the mutt_mailto.sh file. It’s contents are easy and should look like this:

    EXEC Eterm -e mutt "$@"

    The syntax is near identical for xterm. Just change the second line to EXEC xterm e mutt "$@". This should work with any app that accepts command line arguments and understand the standard “mailto:bofh@domain.com?subject=foobar” syntax.

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