22 April 2018

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  • 16 September 2005

    Tattoo #1 finished

    7:44pm by rudeboy in category: Tattoos

    I just got back from Rebirth Tattoo for my second sitting to finish up the spiderweb on my left elbow. Shading is definitely less pleasant than line work, but went a lot quicker. It bled a bit more so the plastic wrap on my arm makes it look like a steak in a supermarket meat section. From here I’m going to start working on more designs. I’m thinking of working toward sleeves or starting with at least one, then working on the other arm. Everything I have planned right now I noticed I was planning for my left arm so I’ll likely focus on that and a large back piece. My designs for cuffs and some Scotland pieces are the farthest along and I’m really liking them so I forsee those getting attention first.

    I’ll be sure to get pics up as soon as I can.

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