22 April 2019

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  • 8 September 2005

    OSX Trolls

    8:14pm by rudeboy in category: Software

    You know what? I’m really sick of seeing OSX trolls posting all over the internet, irc, usenet, whatever.

    Everytime ANY topic comes up, some OSX troll pipes in “So it’s just like OSX!” well, OSX isn’t fully (or even mostly) open source, Quartz Extreme isn’t an open standard, Ok? Do you understand that? Even if it was, the rest of us like our software to be GPL’d so that we don’t just shift from being slaves to Bill Gates and Microsoft, to being slaves of Steve Jobs and Apple. Mabye you don’t care if you really ‘own’ your PC or not but we linux users do. So STFU with your OSX this and OSX that.

    It’s getting absurd. Someone mentions making a Linux network for sharing sound — some OSX Troll pops in “Just spend thousand of dollars on mac parts and there you go! You don’t have to use an inexpensive solution!” Pretty soon I’m gonna start seeing “If those idiots voted in OSX instead of Bush everything would be perfect now”. The Gentoo-Emerge trolls never came close to the kind of witless trolling that you OSX fuckers are reaching!

    I don’t like your cheesy OS. I think the widgets are ugly. I think that stupid bar on the bottom of the screen looks like CDE back from the grave. I’ll take an Athlon64 instead of your goddam PPC. I like my beige box instead of your tiny little silver brick. I want to be able to open my case and see what shits inside it, and I don’t want to have to use a fucking laptop harddrive in a non-portable computer.

    Look you obnoxious pricks — not everyone digs your fucking Macs.

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