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25 September 2017

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  • 10 August 2005

    Handy Firefox Extensions

    11:27pm by rudeboy in category: Software

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    As I stated yesterday I’m a Firefox user. One thing I didn’t get into was the coolest part of Firefox; extensions. Extensions are plugins that can add any number of features to Firefox. For a while I didn’t use them, now I find it hard to imagine using a browser without them. I thought I’d document the ones I use.

    • Adblock: Allows you to block images, flash, embedded iframes or even entire domains so you never have to see another ad again. YOU NEED THIS!
    • Basics: Adds back some basic usability features that were removed in early releases.
    • ColorZilla: Normally I wouldn’t include something like this on a “must have” list, but I’ve recently discovered a rather handy use for it. I was testing out different extensions at the same time as I was working on some CSS and realized that the color picker will highlight the element it’s hovering over. Not only that, it shows the name of the element in the status bar. This can be incredibly valuable when debugging or trying to get an intricate layout working because it offers a visual representation of elements so you can see how things are fitting together.
    • FireFTP: A complete, full-featured FTP client in only 70KB. Opens in a new tab or separate window. Nuff’ said.
    • Forecastfox: Especially helpful if you live in an area where the meteorologists couldn’t forecast their way out of a wet paper bag. Extremely accurate for most areas.
    • SessionSaver: Easily my favorite extension. It saves everything about a given session. If your [windows] machine crashes, there’s a power failure or you accidentally close FireFox this allows you to immediately restart it exactly how you left it. It can save each tab and window you had open with their complete histories intact. It also includes SnapBack Tab/Window that will ’snap-back’ any tab or window you didn’t mean to close on the page it was on when closed also with the full history intact. Great if you have a strong preference for the order your browser tabs and windows are laid out.
    • SwiftTabs: Switch tabs with user-definable keystrokes.
    • TargetAlert: Shows you what type of content a link is pointing to.
    • Web Developer: Perhaps the most important extension for any would-be web designer. Fuck IE, make those pages validate!!

    These are the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. If I’ve overlooked a nugget of joy leave a comment and let me know…

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