22 April 2019

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  • 9 August 2005

    Site Testing

    4:26pm by rudeboy in category: Software

    I checked my site at work today so I could see how it rendered in IE. Rendered pretty well. A few glitches with the link images on the left and a few various CSS errors here and there, but with IE that’s to be expected. Since I don’t run windows at home I don’t have the ability to check my site on IE/win. Not that I care really. It’s all 100% valid XHTML so any standards-compliant browser will be able to render it near exactly how I want it. The issue here is that IE is by far the least standards-compliant browser ever written.

    With IE having enjoyed a browser market share in the high 90% range Microsoft changed widely adopted web standards in the name of “innovation”. The real evil being wrought was akin to a drug dealer exploiting an addiction. They knew that web developers would have no choice but to adapt to the new IE-only techniques or face a veritable nightmare of hacks to get their sites to run in the now dominant browser. Of course people opted to make their lives easier by coding web sites and web-based applications specifically for IE.

    Microsoft’s mindset is to maintain their cancerous stranglehold on the technology industry by exploiting their complete, albeit weakening, monopoly in the browser market. They know that if all browsers were 100% standards-compliant people would only be able to choose a browser based on it’s technical merit where IE has none. FireFox is free both as in speech and beer. You can obtain it free of charge at the same time you’re completely able to dig under the hood and make changes should you see the need. This is arguably FireFox’s greatest advantage over IE. When a bug or security flaw is found it’s generally fixed within 24hours and a new release is issued almost immediately in the case of a real nasty one whereas with IE you can wait weeks or months for a hole to be patched… if Microsoft acknowledges it at all. They see the writing on the wall and will do anything to maintain their illegal monopoly.

    Eventually web-based apps will be so complex and fast that it will pretty much eliminate the OS layer from the equasion and people will be free to use what they want without worrying about being tied to a specific platform so they can run a specific app. Windows will finally be recognized for what it is, a gaming platform not an operating system.

    My site isn’t written specifically for any browser, nor will it ever be.

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